My previous corporate life beyond the wellness industry has gifted me with first-hand experience and understanding of human behaviour and change management. I harness these insights to help individuals achieve their goals – whether that’s fat loss, muscle gain or the pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle.

I don’t just talk the talk: in the past, my weight fluctuated after pregnancy, I worked long hours, made poor food choices and punished myself on the cross-trainer. I was confused by the ‘noise’ of the fitness industry, and tempted to reach for the quick fixes that ultimately make us feel like failures once the pounds pile back on.

But I was fortunate enough to meet and work with some fantastic fitness professionals, who reminded me of the true meaning of health, wellness and happiness. I was encouraged and empowered to refocus on the importance of long-term health while having fun – yes, fun – and making small but lasting changes. As my body responded positively, a new confidence grew within me that I felt compelled to share.

I was inspired to found the Live Once Fitness Studio as an antidote to the fitness fads of excluding major food groups or unrealistic “transformations”. It’s a private, safe space where you can unlock your love of feeling fit and discover a rewarding way to train. My devotion to ongoing professional development enables me to add variety and athletic progression to my clients’ personalised programmes.

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