Honest, responsible, sustainable changes

Individual Personal Training

Your Live Once programme starts with a consultation so I can get a holistic sense of where you are today – at work, at home, your current routine – where you want to be, and the most enjoyable route to get you there.
Then we will jointly set realistic goals and simple, practical strategies to reach them. That includes tackling nutrition, stress and sleep as well as your physical training requirements, because only by taking the bigger picture into account can we achieve long-lasting results.

I have every confidence that we can achieve a lot in 12 weeks. But given 24 or more, we can create lifestyle changes that will last forever, and help you move more effectively, efficiently and effortlessly in your body. I’m more than a cheerleader – I will match the commitments you make to the process, which we’ll decide at the outset and review periodically along the way. Be warned: these commitments will include honesty, trust and laughter. This really is a training partnership with a difference.

Private Clean, studio

I designed the Live Once training space – a boutique, private studio in the heart of Wokingham – to respond to the demand for a more personal setting without the intimidation of a big commercial gym environment. No distractions, no having to compete for space, no queueing for equipment or wiping down other people’s sweat, so your whole session is seamless.

Or, if you prefer, I can come to you – whether that’s your home, workplace or somewhere else. A truly personalised training programme includes a work-out space that works for you.



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