Online Training and COVID -19

Women have undoubtedly had it pretty tough over the last few months and studies are showing that Mothers are 1.5x more likely to have lost their job or been furloughed since March. Mums are finding themselves the cook, cleaner, caretaker, teacher all whilst trying to find time to do their job too. Its never been more important to find time for your own mental and physical health needs.

COVID -19 has changed the way we have to live our lives and the way we choose to. As a result we are changing what we offer so that it meets your needs too.

You will now find small group online training sessions available throughout the week. We ask you to commit to 4 weeks of sessions, giving you 4 workouts a week. This is to give you a full body, comprehensive strength and cardio program and allow you to see the benefits of consistency to working out. You will be in a group of 8 which will allow me to personalise the programs to your needs and adapt where we need to. If you cant make a live session you will receive a recording of it, so you can always fit it in around your other demands.

Our Small Group training is definitely not about weight loss, earning our wine or punishing ourselves. We are uniting together to keep sane, have a laugh and find 45 min just for ourselves. You will definitely get physically and mentally fitter and whether or not you chose to combine this with a healthy diet and lifestyle is up to you.

Each group offers you four sessions a week (2 strength, 1 mobility and 1 boxing)


Small Group Training Classes

Early worms :

0700-0745 Tuesday Thursday Friday and 0830 – 0845 Sunday

Evening Tribe

1800 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Vegan Superfood Flapjacks…(baking with mugwumps)

I am no Mary Berry. I don’t even watch bake off…  but there comes a time in every mothers life where you feel you should at least attempt to bake with your children. How can I deny them the ‘lick-the-bowl-out’ magic childhood moments?  It’s tempting to reach for the Betty Crocker mixes but its not dairy-free, sugar free friendly…. so I’ve started coming up with a few of my own creations.

Before I had children I decided that when I did their favourite foods would be Kale and Quinoa…. when offered biscuits they would reply “oh no thanks… I’ll go for the chia seed and kale crisp bake instead please”. Well shit happens. And kids don’t eat kale. But kids do eat flapjacks and you can hide a whole multitude of goodness in them. So these are my little superfood flapjacks… hope you enjoy making these as much as we did.

nb. a little note about “sugar free”: When I say “sugar free” what I normally mean is no added processed sugar (as in white granulated sugar)…Honey is of course a sugar… it will have the same physiological response in your body as other sugars so its not something you can shove down your chops expecting to lose fat while polishing your halo. These are a treat, and if you are happy to have a bit of sugar I think the raw, organic, unprocessed natural stuff in honey is prob the best option. thats it.

Dry Stuff – (doesn’t really matter what you throw in- whatever is lying around, add nuts if you like them too)
100g Gluten free oats
75g Raisins
50g Spelt Flour
50g Chia Seeds
50g Flaxseeds
50g Quinoa

Wet stuff
100g Coconut oil
3tablespoon Raw organic honey


  • Melt the wet stuff together on a gentle heat
  • Mix the wet with all the dry


  • Rub coconut oil all over a loaf tin so that the flapjack doesn’t stick
  • Push mixture into loaf tin


  • Throw in oven at 180 for 15-20min
  • Lick out bowl…mmmmmm…..
  • Take out oven and cut into squares


  • Throw into fridge until cool then devour!These little happy faces can enjoy the flapjacks for about 4-5days….


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