13 weeks…plenty of reasons

autumn-royalty-free-artist-cloud.jpgFollowing a low but altogether brief mourning period, as Summer drew to a close, I am now looking forward to autumn like an excited little pumpkin trader! With leafy country walks, roast dinners, log fires and Strictly Come Dancing back on, there is little not to like. Having two toddlers, halloween is now less about wearing some slutty cat girl outfit to a boozie night out in Clapham and more about arts and crafts, cutting out pumpkins, ‘Elsa’ fancy dress and tubs of Haribo!

Then there’s fireworks night! I find myself daydreaming about my super cute hat and scarf set (yet to find), wrapping up warm and eating marshmallows with the kids! Then.. before I know it, Christmas will be around the corner and then… well… that’s a whole other blog!

So, now I have decided to embrace the beautiful season change, I’m super eager to get bootcamps up and running again so I can spend more time outside whatching autumn settle in and Christmas approach.

There are 13 Saturdays between now and Christmas and I want you to join me on a special bootcamp challenge. Commit to one hour every saturday to get your endorphin levels sky high and train with the coolest tribe of female bootcampers in town!

Sign up now and you can attend all 13 sessions for the price of 9!

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Those of you who have attended bootcamp before can shoot right over here to sign up as I know you don’t need convincing! For everyone else, here are 5 great reasons to sign up to Live Once Fitness Bootcamps’ pre-Christmas challenge.


  • Its ladies only!! Boys are great and all that but sometimes I just wanna get sweaty and muddy with my sister tribe! There are no military style shouty men here.
  • We work the full body. These bootcamps are specifically designed to condition and sculpt the female body from head to toe. We will hit all the major muscle groups and you will feel stronger and fitter every week.
  • Bootcamp will save your liver and your purse. Knowing you signed up to an 8am class on a Saturday morning is a great motivator to prevent you reaching for that wine on a friday. It may even stop you going out in the first place – in which case…bootcamp saves you money! Even if you do though, bootcamp is a great hangover cure, tried and tested!
  • This is truly suitable for all levels. Don’t be afraid if you have never done anything like this before, we are welcoming and friendly and can help anyone make a start on being a bit more active.
  • Guaranteed enjoyment! I’m so confident you will love these sessions… if it’s just not your jam after the first week, I will give you all your money back!

If this isn’t enough to have you reaching for your Sweaty Bettys then keep reading… here are some solid scientific reasons you should be exercising outdoors!

  • Working outdoors is a more effective workout. Aside from having a group of supportive women and a trainer encouraging you, you really will work harder. You have to adapt to the environment around you, such as andulations in the ground, wind and hills. This makes you recruit more areas of your body to work. The workout is harder which means any benefits of workouts generally, such as calorie burn or cardiovascular improvements, are heightened outdoors! No pain = no champagne
  • Outdoor exercise can keep those winter sniffles away. Dont always listen to your Nan, getting outside even in cold weather can genuinely ward off colds and other illnesses. Vitamin D can be deficient in those of us working in offices or if we are overweight. A 45 minute class outdoors can be enough to feel the benefits of increased vitamin D production, which in turn improves immune system efficiency and regulates insulin production! Vitamin D is magical and we can get an awesome amount from getting outdoor to exercise.
  • Keep that happy feeling. Several studies now promote that outdoor exercise provides an even greater benefit to mental health than equivalent indoor exercises. It would seem that people who get outside and exercise regularly have higher levels of serotonin (this regulates moods). Outdoor exercise also creates a higher post-workout high with increased endorphins!! Yippee… we like endorphins.
  • Small group exercise is awesome. It’s proven to help people get better results, stick to a plan, stay motivated and keep returning to classes. We have one rule at our bootcamp, it has to be fun. We are there to support each other, laugh, get sweaty and give things a go. That small group environment keeps people coming back!

So, if you are ready to sign up, come along to our FB page here and check out the weekly bootcamps schedule or shoot me over any questions. If you’d rather not commit to the whole challenge, you are welcome to come along to individual sessions whenever you can!

I cant wait to see you soon!


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The big plunge!

Louise Cover Page

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front since early summer. This is for a few important reasons. If you followed my blog livingonce.co.uk you will know that I had a bit of a life changing mind set earlier this year. I felt a really strong desire to be doing the things I’d always wanted to do, or feared. This ultimately led me to leave my company and go back to my original passion, personal training and wellness.

I qualified as a PT in 2009 and worked for a couple of years in the industry. I went back to our family business in late 2011 and have been there ever since. Having spent much of my spare time writing programmes for friends and family I never really lost the bug! Since having the children I now understand the importance of doing something I believe in and the example this sets my children.

There are some amazing Personal Trainers out there and I am lucky enough to have had a fantastic one. Sadly there is lots of diet companies, fitness professionals, ‘nutritionists’ and other brands cashing in on people’s body insecurities and ultimately leading people into a vicious cycle of yo-yo weight loss and gain. These approaches are lazy and irresponsible, yet it is so tempting as a consumer to buy into the “8 week transformation journey” only to be disheartened and feeling like a failure when we cant sustain results.

I have established Live Once Fitness as an antidote to this ‘quick-fix’, long term damage culture to fitness. I want to help people find peace with the scales, peace with their body and achieve great fitness goals.

After my radio silence for the last six months while I worked out my notice at work, Im back. With more to blog and vlog about before and tons of great fitness content to post there are exciting things coming!

Tomorrow is my last day in my office job. I head to NZ and Aus on Wednesday and when I return after Christmas I will be Personal Training full time. I have 3-4 clients due to start with me in Jan and am looking forward to welcoming a few more – once I get my new branding sorted and can get together my marketing!

After deliberating for weeks about whether to launch the new website without the branding finalised*….  I decided to take the plunge….AHHH!! Sometimes things just have to happen without being 100% perfect, so here goes. This is Live Once Fitness. Hope you enjoy!

*New branded website expected Jan 2018!!




Yin / Yang and filing cabinets- the benefits of meditation

Ive been really enjoying a bit of yoga recently, specifically Yin yoga.

Here’s a little layman’s summary of what yin yoga is. So we all know the old “yin/yang” thing…. well you will at least of drawn the symbol on your history folder at school… it was very cool in the 90s. Or maybe even had a little ‘yin/yang’ necklace… oh yes… you know the ones, with the little waxed rope string!

Ok… so I digress. Yin/Yang is basically about balance. My “Yang” is my working out in the gym, my HIIT training and weight lifting. Yin is the counter exercise. It’s about slowing the body down, lengthening the muscles and stretching. This provides physical balance.

Its a lot more than the physical though. In the same way my ‘yang’ exercise clears my mind and gives me clarity of thought, the ‘yin’ also does this in a different way. By holding stretching poses for 3-5min we are putting physical stress on our body and using our minds to navigate through the physical discomfort.  We are fighting our little chimp that is saying “sod this, that hurts” “you’ve held that for long enough now, change positions”. By trying to find the stillness physically we are also meditating at the same time. Its a workout for the mind and body.

It is this inner strength and training to defeat our inner chimp which provides us with the strength to overcome tiredness and fatigue in our ‘yang’ workouts too.

Mediation and yin yoga go hand in hand and the more I practice one, the better it makes me at the other.

On my way home from yoga tonight I was thinking about the ways in which mediation and mindfulness are benefiting me. I wanted to articulate it clearly in a blog post, and an analogy came to mind… hang in there with me here:

Mindfulness and meditation is like tidying up a filing cabinet….

For some people who have never invested time in cleaning their filing cabinet, things can get a bit messy in there. Nothing is in the right order. Some days the filing cabinet opens up and all by itself it throws out document after document all of which are as URGENT as the next. Its pretty difficult to deal with any of these tasks or documents when I have 20more flying out the cabinet at me. Sometimes we think its important that having all these documents out on the desk at one time is the only way we can make sure we don’t forget things.

Its only when we file away neatly and know where we have put all the documents that we realise its far easier to get each task done by selecting just one or two documents at a time, dealing with them and then filing them away again. We don’t need to try and remember where each document is because its been neatly filed away. We know where to find it when we want to.

So if I lost you there somewhere, the documents are thoughts / emotions / problems  and the cleaning of the filing cabinet is the mediation, keeping everything neatly organised.

All of a sudden we are not ruled by bits of paper (thoughts) flying out at as willy nilly where we barely have time to deal with one before the next one comes out and more often than not we end up underneath a pool of documents (gin) on the floor!  With meditation we are training our minds to be the boss of the filing cabinet…we can look at any file we want and choose to file things away for later if we wish. Sometimes we may choose to sod the f*ing cabinet and go out to the pub / gym / shops.  The pub/gym/shops are not just a quick and effective way to escape from or forget our messy filing cabinets… We can then truly enjoy the pub / gym / shops because we know all our files are neatly sorted in the filing cabinet for us to come back to the next day.

Its pretty empowering really….

Check out my social links on the top of the page for more info on my fitness / yoga / meditation journey.


Namaste x

Vegan Superfood Flapjacks…(baking with mugwumps)

I am no Mary Berry. I don’t even watch bake off…  but there comes a time in every mothers life where you feel you should at least attempt to bake with your children. How can I deny them the ‘lick-the-bowl-out’ magic childhood moments?  It’s tempting to reach for the Betty Crocker mixes but its not dairy-free, sugar free friendly…. so I’ve started coming up with a few of my own creations.

Before I had children I decided that when I did their favourite foods would be Kale and Quinoa…. when offered biscuits they would reply “oh no thanks… I’ll go for the chia seed and kale crisp bake instead please”. Well shit happens. And kids don’t eat kale. But kids do eat flapjacks and you can hide a whole multitude of goodness in them. So these are my little superfood flapjacks… hope you enjoy making these as much as we did.

nb. a little note about “sugar free”: When I say “sugar free” what I normally mean is no added processed sugar (as in white granulated sugar)…Honey is of course a sugar… it will have the same physiological response in your body as other sugars so its not something you can shove down your chops expecting to lose fat while polishing your halo. These are a treat, and if you are happy to have a bit of sugar I think the raw, organic, unprocessed natural stuff in honey is prob the best option. thats it.

Dry Stuff – (doesn’t really matter what you throw in- whatever is lying around, add nuts if you like them too)
100g Gluten free oats
75g Raisins
50g Spelt Flour
50g Chia Seeds
50g Flaxseeds
50g Quinoa

Wet stuff
100g Coconut oil
3tablespoon Raw organic honey


  • Melt the wet stuff together on a gentle heat
  • Mix the wet with all the dry


  • Rub coconut oil all over a loaf tin so that the flapjack doesn’t stick
  • Push mixture into loaf tin


  • Throw in oven at 180 for 15-20min
  • Lick out bowl…mmmmmm…..
  • Take out oven and cut into squares


  • Throw into fridge until cool then devour!These little happy faces can enjoy the flapjacks for about 4-5days….


A week of happiness and Youtube frustrations….

I have been absolutely blown away by the feedback from my first Youtube video (see links above to my channel). I honestly thought maybe 3-4 people would watch it – mainly family or besties’ under duress. So far 140+ people have tuned in! WHAAAT?! Ok so…back down to earth. Im aware that in the world of Vlogging and Youtube that number is like a tiny bubble in a Jeroboam of champs….but if I wasn’t doing dry May, I’d sure be popping that bottle.

I had wanted to do this for such a long time and was always full of finding reasons not to. I think as humans we are really good at doing this. Talking ourselves out of things.

It may be discovering mindfulness thats helped me put my big girl pants and do some things I’m scared of. I’ve had this metaphor in my head a lot the last few weeks, so I thought I would share:

Fitness and travel are my passions and blogging / vlogging / Instagraming gives me a creative outlet to share my passion. For others its singing, or drama, or painting… or maybe its starting your own coffee house. Whatever it is your longing to do inside…it needs to get out. If you don’t give yourself the chance to unleash those inner pangs then they will get all rotten inside you. Jealousy, negative thinking, stress, and unhappiness comes from keeping all this hidden inside. Invariably that will manifest itself in over-eating, over-drinking, over-shopping, depression… its a bit of a vicious circle.

warning: if you are a film buff you are about to be irritated by my poor paraphrasing of Fight Club! My husband reminded me of the guy going into stores etc with a gun and holding it to peoples heads saying “what do you really want to do with your life” … he then gives them 12 months to go out and do it. Be it a butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or blogger!)… he explains that if they have not made moves to pursue their dreams in 12 months he will come back and kill them.

Maybe we all need a bit of Brad Pitt in our lives …. in more ways than one!

I uploaded my second VLog a couple of days ago and something is up… loads of people are getting a message saying “video content unavailable” … this is super frustrating as it took me near on 4 hours to edit!!! ARGH! If anyone out there is a Youtube expert and can help I would be so grateful! In the meantime I will be working on getting a post up on here to detail last weeks mon-fri exercise schedule!

So … If your feeling that pang to do something creative, to sing and an open mic night, to join a life-drawing class, to start dating again. Stop thinking of the reasons why not… think of Brad Pitt (life drawing!!) and put on your big girl pants and go and do it. You never know. It may even make you happy. really happy… more happy than that “OMG just bought the ‘dress of life’ ” happy….

Have a great week

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