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I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front since early summer. This is for a few important reasons. If you followed my blog livingonce.co.uk you will know that I had a bit of a life changing mind set earlier this year. I felt a really strong desire to be doing the things I’d always wanted to do, or feared. This ultimately led me to leave my company and go back to my original passion, personal training and wellness.

I qualified as a PT in 2009 and worked for a couple of years in the industry. I went back to our family business in late 2011 and have been there ever since. Having spent much of my spare time writing programmes for friends and family I never really lost the bug! Since having the children I now understand the importance of doing something I believe in and the example this sets my children.

There are some amazing Personal Trainers out there and I am lucky enough to have had a fantastic one. Sadly there is lots of diet companies, fitness professionals, ‘nutritionists’ and other brands cashing in on people’s body insecurities and ultimately leading people into a vicious cycle of yo-yo weight loss and gain. These approaches are lazy and irresponsible, yet it is so tempting as a consumer to buy into the “8 week transformation journey” only to be disheartened and feeling like a failure when we cant sustain results.

I have established Live Once Fitness as an antidote to this ‘quick-fix’, long term damage culture to fitness. I want to help people find peace with the scales, peace with their body and achieve great fitness goals.

After my radio silence for the last six months while I worked out my notice at work, Im back. With more to blog and vlog about before and tons of great fitness content to post there are exciting things coming!

Tomorrow is my last day in my office job. I head to NZ and Aus on Wednesday and when I return after Christmas I will be Personal Training full time. I have 3-4 clients due to start with me in Jan and am looking forward to welcoming a few more – once I get my new branding sorted and can get together my marketing!

After deliberating for weeks about whether to launch the new website without the branding finalised*….  I decided to take the plunge….AHHH!! Sometimes things just have to happen without being 100% perfect, so here goes. This is Live Once Fitness. Hope you enjoy!

*New branded website expected Jan 2018!!




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