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Been training with Louise since March after realising I needed a lifestyle change- “healthy body healthy mind” and I would never look back! If you’re like me and find it difficult to train in front of strangers or in a public place-this is perfect! Not only does she push you, you also a good laugh in a fantastic private space where you don’t feel judged! 12 sessions in and I feel fitter, healthier, stronger and more motivated and I’m not giving that up, I love the changes I am feeling and seeing-just booked more! Could not recommend her highly enough! I actually look forward to my gym sessions and I never thought I would say that! Thank you Louise for pushing me and giving me a love for fitness and healthy eating! “Strong not skinny” Sarah Abel, 35 Sandhurst

Strong not skinny

Louise is great at motivating me to get the best out of every session. She pushes me hard but knows when I’m at my limit. Best PT ever!!!
Louisa Barry, 36 Bracknell

Best PT ever

I never enjoyed exercise before I started working out with Louise. She always makes me laugh which helps get me through the hard but well thought out sessions. She’s certainly made me enjoy exercise and I look forward to working out now; something I’ve never said before!! Leanne Robinson 34 Wokingham

Ive never enjoyed it before now!

"There isn't a diet I haven't tried, Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, Slimming World, Weightwatchers, cabbage soup. They all work. I've lost loads of weight. I've also put it all back on. Training with Louise has completely changed my outlook

Tried it all…

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